Senior Army Instructor – Marksmanship:

Colonel Derek Pruitt

Army Instructor – Drill Team/Raiders:

Sergeant First Class Craig Jackson




Battalion Commander: c/LTC Natalie Maria

Battalion Executive Officer: c/MAJ Logan Molaschi

Command Sergeant Major: c/CSM Kale Zinninger



S-1 Adjutant & Administration: c/1LT John Pacetti

S-2 Safety & Security: c/CPT Conner Crichton

S-3 Training & Operations: c/1LT Carleigh Morrow

S-4 Logistics & Supplies: c/1LT Adriana Rodriguez

S-5 Public Relations & Recruiting: c/CPT Ana Sanz

S-6 Information Technology: c/LT Jeff Lowery



Alpha Company

Company Commander: c/CPT Yoselin Matute

Company XO: c/1LT Hanya Sanchez

Company 1SG: c/1SG Joeni Gutierrez


Bravo Company

Company Commander: c/CPT Jenna Hampel

Company XO: c/1LT Lucas Ochoa

Company 1SG: c/1SG Naoki Takahashi

Charlie Company

Company Commander: c/CPT Alexis Kuntze

Company XO: c/1LT Antonia Blocher

Company 1SG: c/1SG Fernando Kuehnel


Delta Company

Company Commander: c/CPT Eric Erdman

Company XO: c/1LT Stephania Restrepo

Company 1SG: c/1SG David Carrillos

Echo Company

Company Commander: c/CPT Lucas Rodriguez

Company XO: c/1LT Militza Colan

Company 1SG: c/1SG Roland Lopez



Special Team Leaders

Drill Team

Drill Commander: TBD

Drill XO: TBD


Raiders Team

Raiders Commander: c/1LT Connor Crichton

Raiders XO: c/1LT John Pacetti


For merchandise orders be sure to list the cadet name in the notes area as well as the class they attend: black or gold, period number, and teacher if known (Example 1 Gold-Pruitt). All orders will be delivered to the JROTC classroom at Western HS. Please include email and phone number if there are any questions. For more information, email judybutzberger@comcast.net.